Suspect Family's Plea to Turn Himself In

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - As police offer a big reward for the capture of Jamal Dean, his family sits down with Siouxland News. Dean is accused of shooting a Sioux City police officer in the head two days ago. Reporter Olivia Wilmsen sat down with Jamal Dean's family exclusively Wednesday afternoon.

They just want Jamal to turn himself in safely. But they're worried about the worst-case scenario: Jamal getting shot and killed by police.
"You've done something and you will be caught honey. They will catch you. I just beg you to turn yourself in so that we don't have to bury you," said Barbara Dean, Jamal's Aunt.
It all started around 3 p.m. Monday afternoon on Sioux City's Westside. Officer Kevin McCormick tried to pull over a car for a routine traffic stop.
Police say 21-year-old Jamal Dean got out and fired eight shots with a rifle. McCormick was hit in the head as police say Dean took off running. "The worst case is that the police are looking for him - high and low. They've been everywhere, to every family member's house. They've been looking for him. And they have been told that they are allowed to shoot to kill," said Rochelle Dean, Jamal's Aunt. This family has already lost one of its own. Jamal's cousin Matt was killed three months ago in a car crash at Perry Creek. "It's the worst pain in your life that you can ever experience to lose a child. And I don't want Jamal's mom to have to go through that type of pain," said Rochelle. "Jamal was there as all of us were at the hospital and it was terrible to see that young man laying there," said Barbara. Aunt Barbara Dean said she truly believes Jamal got involved with the wrong people at the wrong time. "He's been raised right and he has a lot of love and support here. So I just pray that you do the right thing, Jamal," said Barbara.
"Worst case scenario is Jamal that you see this and you choose not to respond to your family. Don't want to have to bury you," she said.
We did hear from Sioux City Police and they wanted to clarify that there's no "shoot to kill" order for Jamal Dean. But of course, if threatened, police will always defend themselves.
Jamal and his older brother Levon were just featured on Siouxland's Most Wanted Monday. Police arrested Levon later that night. He was wanted for a laundry list of charges in two counties including burglary, robbery and theft. Their family says both brothers are responsible for their own actions. "The boys know right. They have to choose to do right. They're just bad choices. Bad choices. Good young men, but bad choices," said Barbara. Officer McCormick is expected to have a full recovery and be back to work in a week or so.
While the family makes its plea for dean to surrender, the stakes have been raised in his manhunt. The U.S. Marshals Service, Crime Stoppers and anonymous contributors are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his immediate capture. Anyone with information on where dean is should call Sioux city police at 712-279-6960.
Remember, Jamal Dean is considered armed and dangerous so you should not try to approach him.