The Art of Curling: Get Your Brushes Ready!

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Curling is a sport that's gaining popularity thanks to the Olympics. Here in Siouxland athletes of all skill levels are gearing up for the annual Curling Tournament.

"Awe way too early."

Dennis Lindstedt has no idea what he's doing.

"It's way tougher than I ever imagined," he says.

He's seen curling on TV but this is the first time he's ever actually done it.

"I'm feeling my knee, we need knee pads I know," says Lindstedt.

On the other hand or should we say knee - Jesse Waldecker is a pro. He's a champion curler who's been doing it since high school.

"It is a lifetime sport, I've seen people up to 80 to 85-years-old play this sport so they have different ways you can throw it so you don't have to bend down all the way," says Waldecker.

He's talking about the stone which weighs in between 40 and 50 pounds.

Curling is basically shuffle board on ice with brooms. You've got your thrower and you've got your sweepers.

If you're good at cleaning you'll get the hang of sweeping pretty quickly. The goal is to get your stones as close to the blue circle as possible.

"Yellow actually has two stones closer than any red stones so in this case yellow gets two points," says Waldecker.

The IBP Ice Center started the curling tournament three years ago and teams get just 45 minutes to practice and learn everything the night before.

"We start at 8 o'clock first thing in the morning so we have our work cut out for us. It's going to have to be," says Linstedt.

Lucky for Dennis Jesse is on his team.

"I was like you know you guys have never curled before. I haven't curled in four or five years but they were like you know we're really competitive so we're going to try and get this down and see how we do," says Waldecker.

The tournament starts tomorrow at 8 AM and will crown a champion by 5:30. The IBP Ice Center hopes to make the sport a more permanent thing by purchasing equipment and starting a league.