The Foreign Candy Co. Makes Large Donation on its 35th Anniversary

Distributing candy has led to sweet success for one Siouxland business.
Thursday afternoon, the Foreign Candy Company of Hull, Iowa celebrated its 35th anniversary, 35 years after high school German teacher Peter De Yager saw how well German-made gummy bears sold. That observation launched a new career and very successful business.
De Yager credits hard work, loyal employees and his Christian faith for the success he and his company celebrated Thursday.

And in the spirit of celebrating, the company hosted tours, a free dinner and entertainment and made a large donation to the community.
For nearly 4 decades, the Foreign Candy Company has brought in the best of the best from around the world to sweet tooths throughout Iowa and the nation.
During it's celebration of those accomplishments, the company not only unveiled its new $2.3 million dollar facility, but also, made a special donation of $700,000 dollars the people of Hull, Iowa. " You know... this started in a basement home - basement room of a little home over here and stuff like this. And so you know, the - what's happening tonight is not a celebration of myself or our family or this company; It's a celebration of what God was taking from a little home, one room," said CEO & Founder Peter De Yager. Governor Branstad attended the event and said the announcement was a testament to the faithful works of De Yager and his dedication to this community. "Peter is a great example of a great Iowan who gives very much to support his community and his employees. He's a man of great faith and he's one who's shown how he can build a very successful business and treat his people well, and we're very proud of that. He sets a great example," said the governor. This expansion and new building is a fraction of the achievements this company has had, and Thursday's announcement is continuing Peter De Yager's vision for not only Hull, Iowa, but also, the Foreign Candy Company. And now, the company hopes to continue its Christian mission and expand its reach to this tight-knit community and greater northwest Iowa.
The $700,000 dollar donation will go to several projects and groups. The bulk of it, half a million, will go to the construction of a new spec building in the new Commerce Center Industrial Park.
For more information on the other donation recipients and the company visit it's website.