Grossenburg Implement Co. Constructs New Building After Tornado

3 weeks after an EF-4 tornado ripped through Wayne Nebraska, people and businesses are already rebuilding.

Siouxland News returned to Wayne Monday for an update on the progress.

Slowly but surely, people are starting to build back the Wayne they remember.

Even so, there's still a lot of debris and rubble that lines Highway 35 when you drive into the town.

The devastation isn't bringing spirits down; instead, it's motivating people and businesses, like the Grossenburg Implement Company, to rebuild.

Wayne may have been torn, but it's not broken.

The industrial sector is already rebuilding.

The Grossenburg Implement is reconstructing a building spanning 5,000 square feet, after nearly $15 million dollars worth of damages to the company's old buildings and equipment.

"We're happy it got done pretty fast, given the circumstances. It'll be kind of just our first milestone we hit and get back on the premises working," Adam Severson, Nebraska regional manager for the company.

Within 6 to 9 months, contractors and building owners hope that the construction will serve as the site of a bigger better Grossenburg Implement and that the new building will ultimately help rebuild the brand.

Wayne's leaders hope to follow in Grossenburg's footsteps by recreating a new and improved town.

"We'll bounce back. I knew from day 1 that'd we'd come back bigger and stronger than what we were," said Mayor Ken Chamberlain. "We have really good businessmen in town that are really successful and they don't want to wait to be back in business again."

That's why Grossenburg Implement is still open, even while the headquarters is under construction.

The John Deer dealership temporarily relocated blocks away from their old building to keep up with farmers who've already started harvest season.

The company plans to remain open and in business until the new buildings are complete.

As part of their rebuild the Grossenburg Implement plans to auction off the equipment that can still be used or somewhat repaired.

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