Child Saves Apartment Complex

A 3 year old's quick action may have saved lives and a local apartment complex.

This afternoon a fire started in this Riverview apartment.

The only adult at home was in the shower and didn't notice the fire until her child knocked on the door to tell her something was wrong.

They both got out safely and the mother called 911.

When crews arrived they found the fire was already contained.

"The best thing is, the 3 year old knocked on the door, and they were able to get out safely. nobody was injured and that was the key to this thing. another great thing was when the occupant left the apartment she shut the door behind her, which, the fire burned up all the oxygen in the apartment, and it actually self extinguished," said Jesse Pedersen with Sioux City Fire Rescue.

Pedersen says the smoke detector in the apartment was not working when crews got there.