Thunderstorm Hits And Damages Sioux City's Northside

A thunderstorm and high winds hit the area at full speed last night, leaving many on the northside of Sioux City with some cleaning up to do today.

Strong winds, lighting, thunder and a whole lot of broken branches were all part of the storm Sunday night as fire fighters and electricians rushed to pick up the pieces and get residents back up and running.

Today many residents throughout the area woke up to a scene like this with uprooted trees, damaged property and down electricity lines.

Storm damage to power lines had MidAmerican servicing the area around 10 p.m., either replacing downed lines or switching customers to other circuits.

"We received a variety of calls from the Sioux City area with the power outages and it is our protocol to respond to each one of those calls and we were able to restore power to the 2000 customers by about 10...2 a.m. this morning," said MidAmerican's Abby Bottenfield

Most residents may have their power back, but many are still dealing with the aftermath of torn trunks in front yards and broken branches throughout the roads, causing traffic jams and hazards for drivers.

"There's been a lot of wind damage from the Sunday night storm that came through--a lot of trees that have gone down on trailers. This one fortunately didn't hit anything," said Glenn Schultz, Owner of Garden Tree Services.

Crews expect the storm's damage should be cleared out by the end of the week. Homeowners should report major damage and leave large removals to the professionals.

"We recommend that you get a hold of somebody that's qualified to climb or get these trees down--they can do funny things if you're not used to cutting trees," said Schultz.

With severe thunderstorms continuing into Monday, residents are also reminded to keep safe and always call and wait for authorities for help.

Residents who are still dealing with storm damages or electrical issues are urged to contact officials and your utility company.

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