Radio Personality Returns

Tim Meacham's Sioux City doctors sent him down to the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Heart experts there have a different kind of device to help heart failure. It's called a Left Ventricular Assist Device or an LVAD.

For the past 33 months, Tim has had that device attached to him, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. "I was in the hospital for five days doing test and it wasn't a sure thing yet that I was going to get an LVAD. But I heard my cardiologist down in Omaha say to my wife, he's got a 30 percent chance of living in a year," said Meacham. "Let's figure that out a little bit, that's about three or four months max, that's all I got to live?"The radio personality had to leave his job in 2008, after years of pain and suffering with several medical issues. But now the man who lives with no pulse is following his heart again.

The Catholic Radio Station in Sioux City, K-F-H-C 88.1 hired Tim as a sports announcer.

"We're going to focus a lot on Bishop Heelen, Football, Basketball, Softball, Boys and Girls and also some Le Mars games," Meacham said. On Thursday, August 21, Tim will be making his big return on the radio waves. He'll be behind the mic for the play-by-play of the East-Heelen Football Game at Olson Stadium, and hopes that his listeners will be as excited when they hear his voice again. "Here I am in a Catholic Radio Station, and I have so many friends and family and so many people that I owe so much thanks to for their prayers over the years, I've been very lucky," said Meacham. Tim says he feels so much better than before getting his LVAD. Getting a chance to go back on the radio is all he's really wanted. He hopes to get new heart in the near future. For now, he says he's excited to be back on air...