Siouxland Tornado Victims In Need of More Volunteers

People around Siouxland affected by Friday's tornado continue on the road to recovery, many of them through the help of volunteers.
The work has just begun throughout the region.

Some people are still trying to figure out what exactly is left of their homes, farms and businesses. Tornado victims have had some help through several agencies, like the Red Cross, but people could still use some more volunteers.
In times of crisis, that red cross can be seen leading the way in restoration and clean-up.
This week has been no different.
Local American Red Cross staff have been first on the grounds assisting families. "Up here, it's been a lot of the farm families up there and they're anywhere from a mile to two miles apart and they don't know if they've seen their neighbors or if they've even heard if they're around right now," said Americorp Red Cross Volunteer Nick Moser. "A lot of devastation as far as destruction of the houses, the roofs are gone, the corn bins are in the fields," added Emergency Relief Vehicle driver Maurice Evans. Evans and Moser are part of a dedicated crew who've been criss crossing Siouxland to help feed families, volunteers and workers, a vital service that benefits affected families. Last week's severe weather demonstrated the serious need for this organization and while they're helping people back on their feet, throughout Siouxland there's still a need for more volunteers. Without those volunteers for disaster relief, affected victims will have weeks before recovery, especially farmers. "They're picking up debris, if they had to stop go back into town and make arrangements for food, it would-take cost valuable time," said Bob Bartling, disaster program manager for the Greater Iowa Red Cross branch. That's critical time that many farmers can't waste, as they look to harvest their crops.
But with volunteers, farmers and families can move forward from the tornado, something the volunteers we spoke with hope will happen soon.
In order to volunteer with the Greater Iowa Red Cross branch, you first form a group of volunteers.
Once that's complete, give a call to the Siouxland Volunteer Center at 712- 252- 1861 to help at a location or with a family in OR