Tractor Ride Rumbles into Sioux City

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Des Moines' WHO radio is putting on what's been described as "RAGBRAI for tractors."

Hundreds of tractors drivers and their families have been using Lewis and Clark Park in Sioux City as a staging area for their ride through the area.

Siouxland News photojournalist Justin Klein caught up with one of the veteran tractor drivers.

"The first year I was ever in was 2002, and I've been in it ever since," said retired farmer Milton Heins.

Heins' tractor is a 1941 Farmall "H", and it's been around a long time.

"After I quit farming, I started helping a friend of mine, and he owned this tractor, but he hadn't used it much. It sat in a shed on his north farm. I kept telling him, why don't you sell me that old H? I says you aren't using it anyhow. It took me two years to get it bought from him, but I finally talked him out of it," Heins said.

Monday morning brought wet weather, followed by heat and humidity, but Heins was undeterred.

"The way the weather was this morning, it really makes me wonder why I wanted to do it. The wind was blowin all the water off the tires onto us...but, I guess we won't melt," he said.

Heins says that despite his age, being on a tractor is second nature.

"You're a farm boy all your life. And until the good lord takes you home, you're still a farm boy. And you still involved with farming."

But how many more "Tractor RAGBRAIs" does he have in him?

"This will probably be the last one. Well, I'm 85 years old, and he's 87, and I don't know whether I oughta be messing around like this anymore or what," he said.

The big WHO radio tractor tour will be the area through Wednesday.