"Tri-State Cruisers" End this Season with Display of Classic Cars

With the cold winter months ahead of us, one Siouxland group is closing shop.
The "Tri-state Cruisers" held one last car show,Wednesday, with its members and the public to show off their vintage cars and hard work in North Sioux City.

The group is made up of car enthusiasts and collectors, who meet weekly from April to September for trips throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.
The members then typically drive into a designated location, park their shiny toys and talk all about cars, mechanics and more.
These shows or public displays aren't the typical car show.
Instead, it's an opportunity for swapping tricks to the trade, earning bragging rights, performing in drag races and taking a trip down memory lane. A trip taking participants back 26 years to when 3 men and their wives started this tradition by meeting at various locations, where they would show off their automobiles.
Wednesday evening, nearly 300 people continued in their footsteps, presenting antique makes and models dating all the way back to 1919.
For these men and women, they take pride in those vintage possession and the memories they've created. "I started when I was 16 years old buying cars and selling them, so I've been doing this for many years. It's just a passion," said Arlan Kuehn, president of Auto Sales in South Sioux City. "I spend all morning just waxing it and stuff just having fun. It's just my baby to play with and I put it in my garage, cover it up for a few days, then take it out and drive it." Kueth joins a club of others who have come to enjoy this hobby and created unique do-it-yourself masterpieces... like "Tri-state Cruiser" Mick Even's 1954 Chevy. "I've got different headlights from an Oldsmobile, the center part of the grill is off a 55' Plymouth, the taillights are off a 55' Plymouth, the dash is out of 1959 Chevy. There's some Pontiac stuff on it. There's some Ford stuff on it, so it's kind of like the Johnny Cash Car, one part at a time," said Even. While the season is over, there are still ways to get involved and join several local groups, including the Tri-state Cruisers for their meetings and gatherings. For that information visit the following websites and social networking sites: OR