Tanker Truck Tips Over With Dangerous Chemicals, Shutdown of I-29

A dangerous situation shut down part of Interstate 29 South of Sioux City Tuesday afternoon.

A tanker truck hauling argon gas and carbon dioxide tipped over just south of the Sergeant Bluff exit, forcing a shutdown of the southbound lanes for at least 2 hours.
The driver was treated at the scene, after refusing to go to the hospital.
First responders discovered 24 pressurized vessels and the Hazmat team later vented 2 liquid containers before trying to move the truck. "They're upside down and some could be damaged we don't know if they would all vent properly and as that gas-if it would vent in a downward direction back to Sir Isaac Newton's law... for a reaction there's and opposite and equal reaction we're afraid they could rise and turn into missiles that would be our worse case scenario," said Sergeant Bluff Fire Chief Anthony Gaul. Fortunately, crews were able to get the semi upright and all dangerous chemicals were contained.
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