Two Farm Bills Passed: House and Senate Must Compromise

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin talked Friday about the two different versions of the Farm Bill recently passed by both Houses of Congress.

The Senate passed a version that includes food stamp funding in it last month, while a scaled down bill passed through the House Thursday that separates the food stamp funding entirely.

Now, both the House and Senate must meet in the middle before the Farm Bill can become law.

"We're going to go to conference and we're going to basically insist that our Farm Bill with the nutrition programs stay together. Over 500 farm groups sent us letters saying don't split these up," says Senator Tom Harkin, "I think there were a few people in the House that don't know their history and didn't listen to all the farm groups. It wasn't just the food groups and the nutrition people with the food stamps that said keep it together, it was the farm groups. Everything from the Farmers Union to the Farm Bureau to the corn growers to the soy bean people. Everybody!"

Harkin says he hopes the House and Senate can come to a compromise.