Car Burglaries Suspects Arrested: Two Teens In Jail

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - Two Sioux City teenagers are in custody Monday for a handful of car burglaries. Police got a call early Sunday morning from a neighbor who noticed the two boys acting suspiciously.

Police arrested 17-year-old Soloman Fischer and 16-year-old Michael Marshall-Limoges for 3rd degree theft, 3rd degree Burglary, possession of Burglary tools and possession of a weapon (knife).
On the north side of Sioux City near 38th St. Pl. and Douglas St. is where police officers found those two teenagers they believe are responsible for the string of burglaries over the past week. It turns out these teens weren't breaking in. They were actually getting into unlocked cars and trucks. "Once they'd find a vehicle that was unlocked, they'd go inside the vehicle and ransack it and look for whatever they could get," said Crime Prevention Officer, Chad Sheehan. That has people living on Sioux City's north side thinking twice before they head inside. "It's really idiotic and they need to learn how to lock their doors, especially with all the violence we've had, been going on around town. It just makes sense to lock all your doors, roll your windows up, just make sure everything is secure," said Kortney Smith. "Number one, I don't think it's safe anywhere in Sioux City. I think you should always lock your cars and be safe," said Sherri Wolterman. One suggestion is to park your car near a well-lit area. Also, even if your car is in the driveway, you should still lock it up. "They were rifling through glove compartments, checking under seats, popping the trunks if they could get into the trunks. I mean they were searching everywhere they could search," said Officer Sheehan. "We had that same problem this summer that they did that. We take our GPS's, everything out if you have them," said Wolterman. "Don't leave any good possessions in the car that way if they do find something, they can't use it," said Smith. The Woodbury County Attorney will ultimately decide whether to charge the two teens as adults or juveniles, which will impact how much time they spend behind bars.