UPDATE: Compromise in Akron Over "Obscene" Tattoo

There may be a compromise on the horizon for an Akron man who says his First Amendment rights were being taken away, all because of a tattoo on his back that some may consider profane.

Justin Fay told Siouxland News last week that city officials were asking him to cover up at the city pool, or else they'd revoke his pool pass.

Fay says he believes his right to free speech was being taken away.

Friday he tells Siouxland News the city may be looking to meet him in the middle.

While at the city pool, swimming with no shirt on, Fay says a city worker who deals with issues at the pool confronted him.

In an e-mail, Fay says the city worker told him he could swim without the shirt, but asked if he could cover up while walking around.

Fay says it's a fair trade-off.