UPDATE: Little Sioux River Drowning Victim's Name Released

A man drowned in the Little Sioux River just south of Oto, Iowa Sunday morning.

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office says 23-year-old Derik Veilguth is the victim of the accidental drowning in the Little Sioux River. He's from Galva, Iowa.

Officers say he was with three friends fishing when he slipped on a rock and fell into the water around 10:30 Sunday morning.

One of Veilguth's friends, Ben Stickney, jumped into the river to rescue Veilguth because he couldn't swim, but Stickney couldn't get him out. His body was found a few hours later.

"You want to stay back from the water unless you have the appropriate gear to get into the water. You know like a life jacket, or that you are a swimmer and you know how to swim. It's very taxing to be in the water [and] you can tire yourself out very quickly. On a river it's a fast flowing... it can have a undercurrent, there's debris underneath the river," says Major Greg Stallman with the Woodbury County Sheriffs Office. "We want to send our sympathies to the family. It's difficult on them, it's difficult on the emergency personnel that are out there, on his friends, and it's a sad time and our sympathies go out to everyone involved, especially his mom."

The Sheriff's Department will continue their investigations.