UPDATE: Suspect Charged with Arson for West Side Fire

It wasn't an accident. That what investigators are saying about a fire that erupted on Sioux City's West Side last night.

Authorities say arson is the cause of the fire that broke out at 1815 Myrtle Street, and you might be surprised who they believe set it.

Authorities have arrested 36-year-old Shawn Ferrera, the grandson of the home's late owner-- a grandson who once lived there.

It was neighbors who tipped off police to the suspect.

Firefighters were called to the scene last night at about 8:20 P.M., after next door neighbors saw smoke and flames inside the home.

The neighbors also saw something else.

"My sister actually called the police because they seen this whole side of the house was the first part of what they seen that caught on fire and they also seen him running out the back of the house, after they seen the house catching on fire,"said neighbor Jessica Sheridan. "He's done other things that could show that he would do something like this."

Sheridan says Shawn Ferrara also fled with two other people and all of them looked drunk.

"Early in the investigations we had reason to believe that it was in fact an arson. It is part of a ongoing criminal investigation, and I can't comment on the details right now," said Mark Aesoph, Sioux City Fire Marshal.

Investigations are ongoing. However, the public record does shows Shawn Ferrera had several incidents with the law in the past several years, this being his most serious offense.

Documents show Ferrara told police the home belonged to his grandmother who died in May.

But since her death, the property has been seized by the State to cover her medical expenses.

Ferrara is being held in jail on bond for more than $10,000.

His next court appearance will be August 26th.