UPDATE: 16,000 Cable ONE Customers Lose Phone & Internet

As of late Thursday evening, Cable ONE says all of its 16,000 Siouxland customers had their Internet and phone services restored at around 5 this afternoon.
But some customers say they still remain without service.
Thursday afternoon, a lot of Sioux Citians were wondering what was happening to their Internet and phone service. Preliminary reports show there were two main sources of the outage. "First, a problem with our piece of equipment in our head end as well as a fiber link issue between Sioux City and Chicago," said Cable ONE PR Manager Trish Niemann. "Our technicians were made aware of the issue immediately and they worked basically nonstop to get the issued resolved as quickly as they could." Some customers who couldn't get through to the local office actually went to the Steuben Street location to try and find out what was happening. "My cable TV is working fine its just the Internet and the phone. They said they had it back up just a little while about-- a little while ago for about 25 minutes. I didn't notice that because I wasn't paying any attention at that time, so I guess all we can do is wait," said Tom Johnson, a customer.
Cable ONE has been providing information to its customers on the local cable access channel... channel 10.
The company also says it will give affected customers a credit for the interrupted service.
To receive the credit or if you're still experiencing difficulty, call 712-233-2000 or 877-692-2253.