UPDATE: Jamal Dean Captured In Texas

Sioux City police say U.S. Marshals have apprehended Jamal Dean in Texas.

In a posting on the Sioux City Police Department Facebook page, the Department said

"Jamal Dean has been taken into custody in Texas by United States Marshals.

Dean is being held on an arrest warrant for Attempted Murder in connection to the April 29 shooting of Sioux City Police Officer Kevin McCormick.

McCormick stopped a car that Dean was a passenger in when Dean stepped out of the car and fired upon the officer.

McCormick was treated for a gunshot wound to his head and has been released from a local hospital."

Dean was wanted previously for charges of Burglary, Robbery and Theft when he shot Officer McCormick on Monday.

A $15,000 reward had been offered for his capture.

UPDATE 11:30 A.M.

U.S. Marshals have released a statement on Dean's arrest.

"On May 3rd, 2013 U.S. Marshals, Sioux City Police, and ATF Agents developed information that Jamal Dean may be in Texas, heading towards the U.S. Mexico Border.

Law Enforcement also learned that he was possibly traveling in a tan Dodge Durango.

U.S. Marshals contacted the U.S. Marshals Office in San Antonio Texas and Brownsville, TX to assist in the investigation.

U.S. Marshals in Texas notified the Texas Department of Public Safety who in turn located the vehicle headed south on Hwy. 77 in Rivera, TX.

Texas DPS stopped the vehicle and located Jamal Dean.

DEAN was arrested without incident.

Dean was accompanied by the driver of the vehicle Esteban Hernandez Jr., of Sioux City.

Additional passengers in the car included Evette Morris-Hernandez of Sioux City, and four minor children.

DEAN is being held in the Kleberg County Jail pending extradition back to Iowa."


Siouxland News talked with Sioux City Police Chief Doug Young about details on Jamal Dean's capture.

Nearly 1,200 miles away, law enforcement spotted and captured Jamal Dean in Riviera, TX just 100 miles from the U.S. Mexico border. Dean was traveling in an SUV heading south on Hwy. 77 around 1 a.m. Saturday.

"I can't tell you how much of a relief it is. It's been an emotional time for me. It's been an emotional time for the department and the community itself," said Chief Young.

On Friday, U.S. Marshals, Sioux City Police, and ATF agents learned that Jamal Dean was in Texas, heading toward the border.

"Once that information was developed, the Department of Public Safety in Texas was contacted and that's ultimately how it ended. They were looking for a particular vehicle, saw the vehicle traveling southbound on 77 and made a traffic stop," said Chief Young.

Dean was riding in a tan Dodge Durango with driver Esteban Hernandez Jr., passenger Evette Morris-Hernandez and four children - all from Sioux City. Marshals say Dean didn't resist when he was caught.

"Now the cleanup begins. The investigation will be continuing. Not at the level it has been, but it will continue until we bring to justice all the people who were involved in his escape," said Chief Young.

Chief Young says it wasn't a surprise Dean made it all the way to Texas.

"Obviously we thought he'd probably be trying to get out of town. What his contacts were we didn't know for sure. So no, it's not a surprise that a person would flee toward the southern border and try and get across into the Mexican territory," said Chief Young.

Dean is being held in the Kleberg County Jail pending extradition. It could be a week until Dean is back in Iowa.

As for the other adults in the SUV with Jamal Dean, they have not been charged with any crimes so far.