Vermillion Cold Case: Closed

It's been a mystery for more than 40 years, but now the case of two Vermillion girls who were missing since 1971 has finally come to a close.

Today, months after their car was found submerged in a creek near Alcester last September, authorities revealed the disappearance was the results of an accident, not foul play. After forty-two long years, the families of Pamela Jackson and Cheryl Miller finally got some closure.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley and several county sheriffs announced the findings of their investigation: no foul play was involved. This mystery was merely a car accident.

"Based upon collectively the totality of the evidence, forty-two years worth of the file as well as the information found on September 23rd, 2013, it's consistent with a car accident," said Jackley.

Local law enforcement said the investigation finally gave the families of Pamela Jackson and Cheryl Miller the chance to move on with their lives.

"In speaking with the families prior to the news conference, yeah good closure is here. I think this is a big relief, a big heavy weight of their shoulders," said Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges.

Jackley said when the car crashed into the creek, it was in high gear, the lights were on, and Miller's personal items were still with her, putting to rest speculation of foul play.

The exact cause of the accident may never be known, but after forty-two years, this case is finally closed.

In an official statement, the Millers said "Our family cannot thank you enough for the continued support."

The remains of the girls will be returned to the families so they can be properly laid to rest.