Vermillion Hospital Set to Demolish Old 1935 Building

(VERMILLION, SD) Out patient healthcare services are about to get a big boost in one Siouxland town. The Sanford Vermillion Medical center is saying goodbye to the original hospital which was built in 1935 but has sat virtually empty for years.

You can still take a walk down the old halls or up the stairs of Dakota Hospital in Vermillion, South Dakota.

The building was constructed in 1935 and hasn't changed much since. Many of the original doors remain hinged, the window where proud parents peered in at their new born babies is still on the 3rd floor, just past the old elevator.

"I had several of my family born there, my wife was born there," said Tim Tracy, CEO of Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

It's like stepping back in time but a walk down memory lane will only last a few more years. That's because, Sanford Medical Center is tearing it down in 2016 and replacing it with an out-patient center.

"We did look at how do we remodel that building and it was actually more expensive to go in and remodel than it was to tear it down and replace it," he said.

The new facility will cost around $12 million. Sanford Health will invest the full cost of the building and the Dakota Hospital Foundation will add another $2 million.

"Some of that will be the retirement of some debt," said Tracy.

The project has already begun and by 2017, the new building will start taking shape.

"We have some conceptual ideas from some former planning that we did with our board but nothing that's definitive at this point just basically blocks of areas in the hospital and adjacent to it where we would put things," he said.

Blue prints are expected to be drawn up sometime next year.