Burger King Employee Reaches Out to Customers for 34 Years

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Working at a fast food joint is never easy -- it's fast paced and hard work. It may surprise you then, to find out one woman has been at Burger King for the last 34 years working the drive through window.

Laramie Meisner says every single year she considers retiring. But every single year she continues to work because she loves her job and says the cash doesn't hurt either.

It's also a family affair - she works alongside two of her grandkids!

But what's so special about that in the 34 years she's worked for Burger King not once has she accepted a managing position.

Sounds crazy right?

But Laramie says the job started out as a way to fill her time, she was bored, now it's a big part of her life. One she doesn't really want to let go of.

During the week from 11 AM until 2 PM, you'll probably find Laramie Meisner here at this drive through window.

"I feel sort of silly sometimes at my age hanging out a drive through window but it doesn't seem to bother anybody, so I really don't know when I'll retire," she said.

"She will do anything and everything for anyone who walks in the door," said Ashley Shultz, Manager at Burger King.

Laramie's journey started back in 1979.

"I just started working for something to do because my boys had started school and gee wiz, I was bored!"

That boredom turned into several decades of hard work. Laramie says she's been offered managing positions but has always turned them down because she doesn't want the responsibility. She's been working the drive through window for her entire 34 years and not doing it would be strange.

"As long as I can still walk and see, I enjoy it," she said.

That work ethic has rubbed off on her grand daughter, Rachel Meisner, who's an assistant manager at Burger King.

"The manager at the time said that any grandchild of hers would have a job and I got hired when I was 14. I told her I'd work with her and she never believed me. She said she'd be retired by then. Nope," said Rachel Meisner.

But even though she works, sometimes side by side with her grandma...

"I never tell her what to do. She would not be O.K. with that. She just tells me that she knows what to do!"

So what's her secret? How does she do it?

"You get used to it. Like I say, most of the people are very nice but you meet some real rough ones and I guess eventually you learn to take them in stride. Or you stick your tongue out at them when they leave. That's terrible to say isn't it?"

Laramie says she doesn't actually do that but she does like to speak her mind.

We decided to do this story because we got a call from a viewer who says she used to work with Laramie years ago and couldn't believe she was still there!

Laramie told me she's seen customers grow up, build a family and have kids right in front of her eyes. Pretty cool story.