Veterans Stand Down Welcomed Siouxland Soldiers to an Annual Gathering

They served our country with honor, but sometimes veterans need a little extra help after they leave the military. Siouxland News reporter Jetske Wauran was at a special event to provide those veterans with a boost. "Oh it's kind of nice, I had to come on a bus. I came over from South Sioux," said veteran, Orlando Hendrickson. "It's great. It's wonderful. It's the first time I've attended one," said veteran, Mercy Earth. Veterans Stand Down welcomed Siouxland Soldiers to an annual gathering. The event took place Friday morning at the American Red Cross in Riverside.County, state and federal veterans services gave on the spot help and resources and many veterans were very pleased. "I talked to a field service officer. So I've learned a lot today and overall it was very interesting," said veteran, Roger Howell The number of veterans and families doubled before noon. "And I feel that anything I can do to help fellow veterans and with hospice, veterans with World War Two and Korea. It's a no brainer. And I feel honored being able to do stuff like this. I really do," said veteran, Walt Switzer. Vendors and volunteers donated their time to give donations, including haircuts and food, as well as their services. "They just give back. And give back to those who served over there for our country," said veteran, Dustin Movall. Stand Downs provide helpful services to homeless veterans. The event gave a chance for homeless Veterans to enjoy a free meal, receive information on available benefits, groceries, clothing, counseling and referrals to many other services. "Well I'm very passionate with this population, I truly believe that our veterans have served our country and there should be no veteran who's homeless," said Outreach Social Worker, Joan McCarthy. The Red Cross holds stand down events every year, hoping to help keep those who served our country from becoming homeless.