Victim of Sioux City Murder Found in Sioux Falls, SD

(SIOUX CITY, IA - SIOUX FALLS, SD) The discovery of a badly burned body in a ditch near Sioux Falls Sunday has led to a bizarre murder case here in Sioux City.

Police are on a manhunt for 20-year-old Martin Castellanos the man who's accused of the killing.

It's believed the shooting happened in the 1400 of West 15th street.

Police say they think Castellanos shot 20-year-old Adrian Rojas Hernandez in the head at a house in Sioux City and then drove his body to a gravel road near Sioux Falls to dispose of it.

The Lincoln County Sheriffs office could not identify the victim - partly because his body was burned but when officials contacted the Sioux City Police Department officials there said they recognized Hernandez.

The discovery happened on a gravel road an hour away just south of Sioux Falls. A man working on his combine saw something burning in a ditch but never thought to look closer. It wasn't until hours later a person driving through noticed something strange.

"The person was driving down the road and just noticed what looked to him like maybe a person or something else in the ditch. But it concerned him enough to call the Sheriff's office. A deputy responded to the scene and he discovered and determined it was in fact a human," said Dennis Johnson, Lincoln County Sheriff.

Problem was the sheriffs office didn't know who the man was so officials began contacting other jurisdictions to ask for help.

"Fortunately they contacted us and we were able to identify him by tattoos and then he was later conformed by fingerprints," said Doug Young, Sioux City Police Chief.

20-year-old Adrian Rojas Hernandez had been shot in the head. Police believe he was murdered in Sioux City between 3 and 6 AM.

22-year-old RicardoJaime Vital was arrested and charged as an accessory after the fact. He was living at the house where the shooting happened. Officials say Vital did not go to the gravel road with Castellanos where the body was found but won't give details on how Vital was associated with the murder.

"I think this was an isolated incident amongst people who knew each other. My only concern is that he could still be armed and obviously we're going to consider him as dangerous," said Chief Young.

Police here want to remind everyone if you see Castellanos call 911.

He's a 20-year-old Hispanic Male, 5' 8" and 180 pounds. He may have a light moustache and he is possibly driving a silver 2003 Audi A4 with Iowa Plate 892 YSD.

The Police department is also asking for the family's assistance in locating Castellanos. They would like him to turn himself in without any incident.