'Walk With A Doc' Program Launches in Siouxland

Some Siouxlanders have taken another leap towards living a healthier life.

The Siouxland Community Health Center launched the first 'Walk with A Doc' event Thursday afternoon.

Although it was a colder walk then organizers expected, the event still had a great turn-out.

The 'Walk With A Doc' program is a national non-profit program that started 10 years ago in Pittsburgh.

It encourages people to take a walk in their hometowns with local physicians, specialists and/or health professionals, who advise them on ways to maintain and better their health through routine walks.

And now that Summer's over and Fall is creeping in, the craze for summer work-outs and exercise have died down.

But in Siouxland, people are taking in autumn with an easy-going and healthy form of exercise by walking, which could add up to 3 more years in life expectancy.

"Walking is probably one of the easiest types of physical activities you can do. In addition to that, it's one that, I think, is least abandoned; among many things, people tend to stick with a walking program so this is just a start. I think for a lot of people around Siouxland to be able to take a walk. What's unique about this is you get to walk with a doc," said Jim Wharton, the Center's director of marketing and funding development.

As the chilly weather worsened and winds picked up, people were still excited to get up and get active for the special activity.

By simply walking the suggested two miles, each person essentially walked themselves to a better mental and physical state.

"It's important because it gets people thinking about their health and exercise as a part of maintaining their health. Exercise does so many things to keep us fit and keep us healthy," said Danielle Prince, M.D. at Siouxland Community Health Center.

Other doctors agree with Prince and say by simply walking several times a week, you can prevent the risks of several diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

By adding the light exercise to your routine, health experts say you'll feel better on the inside and out.

The Center plans to continue these walks throughout the end of the year, most likely indoors to motive people to get up and exercise.

For more information on the dates when the walks will take place, you can visit OR