Wayne, NE Gets To Rebuilding After Devastating Tornado

Scene's from a bird's eye view of the damage a tornado did Friday night in Wayne, Nebraska shows the severe damage that remains.

It hit much of the east side of town, heavily damaging the industrial district and the airport.

That tornado was an EF-4, packing winds of up to 170 miles an hour. At times, it was just under a mile and a half wide and was on the ground for about 19 miles.

However, scenes on the ground were no better than what we saw throughout this weekend and again today.

There's been just a complete loss throughout Wayne and people are reeling in together to put back together their town.

72 hours after the devastating tornado bulldozed through the small town of Wayne, people set out to pick up the pieces left.

More than 10 homes were destroyed and 15 people injured.

While there were no deaths, the hit to the business sector may be fatal.

"Total loss-total. Millions of dollars just right here, just in this one spot just the airplanes. Um, pretty devastating," said Tom Becker, the owner of Becker Flyer Services Inc.

Becker interviewed with us while standing behind a runway and terminal that just weeks ago was part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony, now the municipal airport sits as rubble, blocks away lies debris at the Grossenburg Implement.

"You know every day you come back and it sets in just a little bit more and you just kind wait for a little direction and --and go from there I guess," said Jon Noble, a salesman at Grossenburg Implement

Over at Industrial Drive, you can see little industry or business is left.

Agricultural and construction work has been stopped, leaving Wayne's economy as damaged as its buildings.

"The destruction goes beyond the buildings. You know, there's families that need groceries and need to pay their electric bill and make their mortgage and that stuff can't happen without money coming in and you, know when you go home on Friday and come to work on Monday and this is what you find it changes lives of a lot of people," said Mayor Ken Chamberlain.

Despite the serious loss, the Mayor is still confident the town will bounce back.

With the help of volunteers and strength of this community, he plans to rebuild and look towards the future.

Wayne is still in need of more volunteers. To get more information on how you can help call 402-833-1800. OR