Weekend's Snowfall Leaves Dangerous Road Conditions; How Can You Get Prepared

Bitter cold and slippery roads make for a dangerous start to the week.

The weekend's snow left an icy mess on the roads Monday morning.
Siouxland News counted a dozen police calls for crashes or stuck drivers in Sioux City.
It's clear that the winter weather has already taken a serious toll, causing major accidents and serious car failures.

Some drivers we spoke with said it's just not safe.

"They are dangerous. People that don't-- aren't watching what they're doing. They're not driving defensively," said Diane Fisher, who says she drives slower during the poor road conditions "Coming off the exit last Saturday night I really didn't even realize it was sleeting out a little bit and about went off the exit there. You just need to brake plenty ahead of time and don't use the speed that you normally would use maybe and be a lot more cautious," said Chris Railsback, while stopping to refuel his company car, a practice that other drivers should follow.
Sioux City police note on their website that days following a winter storm, like Monday, can be the most dangerous because drivers aren't as cautious.
The department warns you should still use your safety tips and drive carefully. But caution is only part of driving safely; the other is winter prep.
Auto body shops have seen an increase in demand because they say some drivers and their cars are unprepared for the road conditions. "For maintenance in winter time, once again a general inspection is always good just for preventative maintenance-checking fluids changing, changing oil, checking for tune-up, but then also checking the more critical things like electrical charging system," said Ryan McNaughton, store manager for Gordon Drive's Tires Tires Tires. Other tips to make sure your car doesn't land in the garage or on a tow truck is to check up on your brakes.
If they lock up, then tap them instead of slamming on them.
Always keep a full tank of gas and remember to pack your winter car kit with items like a flashlight, jumper cables, kitty litter or sand and some non-perishable food.
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