Down the Road: Unique College Program & Depot Renovations

This might look like some electricians working on a failing power line, but it's something entirely different. It's actually a college class.You don't normally expect to see students getting electrical training, but that's exactly what's happening in Sheldon at Northwest Iowa Community College.The power line program is the only offered in the state of Iowa and it also happens to be a job in high demand.Students can come out of school making $22 per hour an upwards of $60-thousand per year.The course isn't without its difficulties. Students are expected to take all the prerequisite courses and be punctual.Showing up to class late just one time can get you thrown out of the program.The program is a great option for those who want to get out of school with little debt and enjoy the great outdoors.And at one time Sheldon was the cross roads of train traffic running through the Midwest, especially from Minneapolis to Omaha.There is still rail traffic running through the community, but while it doesn't stop at the old depot, that doesn't mean the depot's usefulness is over.Recently folks have been cleaning, painting, and helping set up the depot for use as the local farmer's market. In the past few years the farmers' market has moved to various locations in Sheldon, but soon the farmers market will have a permanent home here. In fact it's named for railroad promoter Israel Sheldon.Allison Cooke with the Sheldon Chamber of Commerce said, "The places that we've had farmers market the previous three or four years, if it rained we don't have a market. If it's windy our umbrellas break or people lose some of their products. Having it here they have the option of being inside. They can be outside, have a cart outside. It's such a cool, pretty building."The Sheldon farmers market is open every Monday from 4:30 to 6pm, and Friday's 11 until 1pm.On average about 15 vendors will be open here until the end of September.