Wet Weather Keeps Farmers Optimistic

(SLOAN, IA) - It sure isn't the April weather most of us were expecting, but it's putting a smile on the faces of farmers.

Don Lord is prepping for planting season. "It's normal spring maintenance on everything so hopefully you don't have any breakdowns when you get started," said Lord of JM Farms. But spring hasn't sprung yet. At least the snow, ice, and rain is melting and seeping into his farmland. "You maybe had enough moisture to get the crops started, but you were going to need a lot of rain to keep it going. This is going to help replenish the subsoil moisture. It's not going to do all of it by any means. You still got a long way to go," said Lord. But you have to weigh the good with the bad and see what comes out. "The longer we wait to get into the field, that'll cut back on potential of our bushels, but right now the moisture is more important that getting in a week or so earlier," said Lord. His hogs in the barn can benefit from the wet ground, too. "The more moisture and the more crops you can grow, that'll drive crop prices down, make it more profitable on the livestock end of it. It's a balancing act,"said Lord. Lord said he'll start planting his crops in about a week and a half to weeks, but he will wait if we get more rain.