WinnaVegas Expanding Entertainment Area

WinnaVegas Casino is adding a new, 1,500-seat concert entertainment venue.

Construction started in December, and is expected to wrap up in early June.

It will replace the current 900 seat area, which will be remodeled into a new gaming area with 200 new slot machines.

"Right now, we're limited to the space, this way we're open to bigger...not so much the name-back, because we're getting the name-back, but bigger shows, more wow to them," says Ray Thomas, WinnaVegas' Interim General Manager

"We plan on somewhere Memorial Day to have the grand opening, so they're going to be open at the same time, so I think that's going to be awesome," says Darwin Snyder, Vice Chairman of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

"Right now, Tyson Center has all the big concerts, but there's no in between, we're going to be the in between, to have the smaller concerts," Snyder says.

WinnaVegas currently has 320 employees, and expect to hire about 80 more people after the expansion.