Winter Storm Hits Siouxland

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Slipping and sliding down a hill on a sled is fun but in a car, not so much.
John Foxhoven helped out when a local woman got stuck.

"She slid down the hill, you know it was way to slick for them, and slid down the hill, and bumped into that car, and she had problems getting out," he says.

And she wasn't the first person Foxhoven helped.

"I went ahead and pushed and helped another couple push their car up the hill because you know around this part of the neighborhood, with all these hills, it is really slick and stuff," says Foxhoven.

About 20 small accidents happened within the first 2 hours of this snow storm.

Even police cars coming to the rescue weren't immune to the slippery conditions, making everyone thankful for the crews working overtime to keep you safe.

The city only asks people to avoid parking on the street during heavy snow fall. Even still it's very helpful for snow plows when clearing the road.

"If you have an available off street driveway, garage, use that and it will allow us to get in and to be more efficient in cleaning the streets," says Jade Dundas, Director of Sioux City Public Works.

Dundas says if you have your own plow, make sure you're putting the snow in the appropriate place and avoid pushing it back into the street. He says the city's goal is the clear the streets within 72 hours.

If you're wondering when your street will be cleared, You can visit Sioux City's snow plowing priority map here
Also, the latest closings and cancellations are on our website too.