Woodbury County Board Member Arrested

(SIOUX CITY, IA) A Woodbury County supervisor is accused of firing a revolver into the air during a domestic dispute.

David Tripp, who is also a county jailer didn't show up for Tuesdays meeting of the board. His boss on the other hand, Woodbury County Sheriff Dave Drew did. Drew has placed Tripp on administrative leave and turned the matter over to internal affairs.
The sheriff says the rules and regulations that apply to Tripp under are a little different than the court system.

"He has to fall under our policies under the Sheriff's office so as he conducts himself in the board still reflects because he has two hats and the ultimate hat for me is that he's under the office of the Sheriff and that's where discipline and discharge could take place," said Sheriff Dave Drew.

Drew adds he expects to have the results of the investigation soon and will announce his decision after he informs Tripp.