Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Releases Video of Wednesday's Chase

It was a frightening incident that could have ended in tragedy.

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office has released video a high speed chase that took place Wednesday.
The video looks like a COPS episode, but it's not.

It's a Woodbury County deputy on Highway 20 sometimes going as fast as 120 miles per hour to catch two people in a stolen SUV.

"This vehicle was at Buchanan and Highway 20, um, it failed to stop at a stop sign there, it kind of rolled out of traffic where the cars that were ahead of me had to stop and let this guy in," said Major Greg Stallman. That's when Major Stallman tried to stop the suspects for failing to yield before entering a highway, but when the car didn't immediately pull over; he knew a chase was starting. "I got to be honest, I was pretty nervous. I perform an administrative function and its been a while since I've been in a pursuit," he explained. Several minutes into the chase, the County Communication Center alerted Stallman that the car he was chasing was a stolen vehicle.
He continued his pursuit, joined later by a back-up team with the Sheriff himself.
The chase took them as far as Lawton.
In the video, at one point the SUV turns off a side road, seemingly ending the chase. But, soon after, the driver takes off again in the other direction.
Eventually, the SUV stopped, but the suspects hopped out and briefly tried to flea.
That's when the deputy can be heard screaming, "Get on the ground! Get down! Get down, now... all the way down!" "Nothing relieves you more than when something like that ends as you're getting out of the car. I'm hearing those sirens and seeing those lights pull up," said Stallman, who said he couldn't do it alone. The Sheriff's Office was assisted by the Moville Police Department and Iowa State Patrollers.
Major Stallman says this high-risk arrest was a team effort.
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