Workers Brace Monday's Dangerously Cold Weather

It's a day off for many around Siouxland that includes the staff of the Sioux Gateway Airport.

They've canceled flights for Monday and Tuesday morning due to severe weather conditions in Chicago.

But for some folks, despite the cold, it's still business as usual.

Schools out, flights are canceled and very few engines are running, but there's still work to be done.

Monday morning, a water line break at the Dakota County Courthouse caused utility companies to respond to the scene and make sure power and gas lines were ok.

In downtown Sioux City though, it was a skeleton crew at the Hard Rock construction site.

Meanwhile, out at Sioux City's runways, planes are taking off: not at the airport, but instead at the 185th Air Refueling Wing.

"We operate in colder places than this. We've had crews in Fairbanks, Alaska at minus forty degrees and they take off there. They have to preheat the aircraft and landing gear so that the seals are soft and don't leak before they actually can even step on the airplane," said Major Joseph Bousquet, a instructor pilot with the 185th.

Frigid temperatures may be bad for most jobs, but it's good for piloting.

The colder temperatures allow the plane's engine to perform better, which helps the crew make every trip.

"We launched an aircraft this morning on a mission for a week-long refueling mission for tech support," said Bousquet. "We try to be prepared to operate any where at any time."

But while Major Bousquet may be bundled up inside the cockpit, it's his ground crew that has to face the below-zero temperatures on the tarmac, safely moving planes from the hangar to the runway.

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