Wounded Warrior Gets Hero's Welcome

One soldier received a hero's welcome tonight after more than 20 years of military service.
Master Sergeant Todd Landen arrived in Sioux City this evening to warm greetings from post and district commanders of the local VFW.
The wounded soldier served in several combat deployments before being seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq.
He has survived 18 surgeries and 4 years of medical treatment and says despite his sacrifices he's happy to have served his country, and now find a place to call home. "The worst causality is the one sitting on my lap here, she's had many homes over the last few years and it means a lot to me to have a roof over her head," said the infantryman as he bounced his 7-year-old daughter Brianna back and forth. Landen has also made the move with his wife, Aprel, whose mother recently moved to Sioux City and extended her home to the recently medically retired soldier.
The veteran says he plans to slowly ease back into civilian life and hopes to become an active member of the community.
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