Siouxland Prepares For Fireworks and July 4th

With the fourth of July holiday right around the corner, Siouxland residents are getting ready for festivities with family and friends.

But, not everyone will be celebrating with fireworks this summer.

As the fourth of July holiday approaches Siouxland residents are getting fired up...literally. Fireworks, barbeque, and parades are just some of the traditions for the holiday, but not all of Siouxland can fire off into the skies.

"Here in Iowa basically good rule of thumb is if it goes up or if it goes bang it, is illegal to go up in Iowa. Snakes, sparklers and smoke bombs are about all that is legal here," said Mark Aesoph, Sioux City Fire Marshal.

For Nebraska and South Dakota residents there's a different set of guidelines. In Nebraska, cities must meet the fire marshal's list of legal fireworks and in South Dakota everything goes except those with nitroglycerin, giant powder, or dynamite.

While some residents of the Siouxland region may not be able to purchase fireworks. Those that can come to locations like these where they will find a variety of toys for the festivities.

Here at Stars and Stripes, you can choose from firebombs to dragster cars to artillery shells. And while the fireworks are the highlight for the holiday, most are just happy to be around family and friends, like Dawn Gooley, who enjoys spending time with her kids.

"I love to watch them get really excited when they're able, when they're old enough to you know light a firework and it blows up and they're so proud," said Dawn Gooley of Stars and Stripes Fireworks.

So, as the celebrations begin stick to the rules and take caution with any devices.

"The biggest thing we always stress is just leave the fireworks to the professionals. There's several locations throughout Sioux City over the fourth of July holiday that you can actually go out and watch the professionals do them," said Aesoph.

No matter what you're doing for the fourth of July holiday, be sure to keep safety as a first priority.

To see where you can watch the fireworks displays throughout Siouxland you can check out