Young Artists Converge on Wakefield, Nebraska

Young artists from across Siouxland converged on Wakefield, Nebraska to showcase their work. "The Big Show" art exhibition is now in its 5th year at Wakefield Community Schools.

Art students of all grade levels from 17 schools across northeast Nebraska, and one from Iowa, proudly displayed their works: pencil drawings, ceramic, sculptures, and beyond.

About a thousand pieces were on hand to be judged in their respective categories. Many students have been preparing all year to get their projects in by the deadline.

"A lot of the time my kids are gonna start three projects at the beginning of the year and they'll be bouncing them back and forth between those three projects right up to The Big Show. And it's usually a crunch to hit the deadline for this show. And they really are pushing to get it done cause they really love having their artwork in this show," said Wakefield Art instructor Mike Hassler. "For the kids it's a chance to really see artwork from different parts of Nebraska and of course from Iowa, so you know I think that's probably the neatest thing about this."

The show has grown to include participants from 12 schools, and the organizers hope to expand a little more each year.