Jefferson Award: Mary Ann Niemeier

Mary Ann Niemeier loves giving back to the Siouxland Community.

She volunteers at several places like the Crossroads Homeless Shelter, Stars and Doug's Donors.

On any given day, you could find Niemeier at the shelter in Sioux City.

"We say she volunteers full time. She works harder than any of us, many times on different fundraisers," said Alice Mollet, Case Manager at Crossroads Homeless Shelter.

Whether it's packing clothes and necessities for people in need, she's always on the go.

"God gave me this gift to touch people and it doesn't quit. As long as I'm around," said Niemeier.

"Mary Ann has been a big volunteer for us, ever since we met back in September 2015," said Mollet.

She's clocked in countless hours, giving her time and her effort at numerous organizations in Sioux City.

That's why Mollet nominated her for the Jefferson Award.

"She spearheaded the Ugly Sweater that we did at Classique Closet and now she's part of Laugh Your Hat Offs, so she's volunteered for us at three events," said Mollet.

That's not all, she also raised $2,000 at Hawkeyes Helping the Homeless.

"People who know me personally are like, whoa you're out soliciting for fundraising funds for two different organizations at the same time. But it's how I present the need to the people I'm talking to that they support both programs without a problem," said Niemeier.

And a breast cancer survivor herself, Niemeier knows what it's like to fight the odds.

"If we can give back, and give beyond, to me that's the most important thing and sometimes I don't have to speak a word, and people hear that and see that," said Niemeier.

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