Above and Beyond: Devin Soll

Above and Beyond: Devin Soll

Every month Morningside College and Siouxland News are teaming up to highlight a high school student who has gone Above and Beyond. This month's winner is Pender, Nebraska High School Senior Devin Soll. Devin was nominated by Mrs. Liakos, who he helps as a student aid.

A straight A student, who has qualified for state in wrestling and track... but it's after the bell rings where Devin finds his true passion.

"I love sports, but farming is my favorite thing by far. It's what I grew up with. My dad pushes it a lot. It's just what I live by. I love it. It just makes me happy. It's what I love to do," says Devin Soll.

The youngest of three children on a family farm of about 2500 acres, Devin is slated to take things over after college.

"He's involved in harvest right now, so he goes to school all day, goes to football practice, then he goes home and he's out on the combine or driving truck," says Dayleen Liakos, a sixth grade teacher at Pender Public School.

But this rough around the edges farm boy who stands over six feet tall, found his soft spot... working with younger students.

"Devin just has this knack to put the kids at ease. He can tease them without going over the line and keeping them in control still. They love going to him and asking questions. They look up to him. He's a good role model," says Mrs. Liakos.

"My future's not going to be with kids, but they seem to like me and that's good. I like that, to spend some time with them," says Soll.

Giving credit, in large part, to his family

"My brother is a big role model in my life. He's always pushing me in sports and academics. My father pushes me with farming to be the best I can. And of course my mother, making all those great meals. She pushes me the most when it comes to academics," says Soll.

Devin is also grateful for the staff at Pender Public School.

"I'm very thankful. The people around me, the teachers, I'm glad that they'd nominate me. It means a lot to me. It's kind of special. I don't know, it means I'm doing something right in my life," says Soll.

TO NOMINATE A STUDENT: please email Include the students name, grade, high school and why they should be nominated along with your contact information.

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