Above and Beyond: Erin Fineran

Erin Fineran from OA-BCIG is this month's winner. Erin was nominated by her counselor, but received an overwhelmingly large amount of recommendations from her teachers as well. She's president of National Honor Society, Co-president of Student Council, reporter for Future Farmers of America, and a top-notch student. But Erin Fineran may be the last one to admit just how excellent she is.

"It's a real honor. Out of all the people in our school, that I was the one nominated," says Fineran.

"It's a humbling thing for her and I think it's just a part of her character too. The way she helps out and the way she helps people that are less fortunate, it just shows through in her personality all the time," says Angela Lensch, OA-BCIG's High School Counselor.

Erin's future plans include attending Morningside College to pursue a career in the field of science.

"Whatever she actually selects and finally decides to do, she's going to succeed in because she's a hard worker and she puts her mind to things and she does things to the best of her ability no matter what it is. So, I'm confident she is going to be very successful when she grows up," says Lensch.

She also plans on simply enjoying what's left of her senior year.

"All the activities, going out to ball games, and hanging out with friends. Enjoying what I have left of high school with all my friends," says Fineran.

Viewed as a mentor by many, Erin's best advice for students is, "Get involved in anything you can, but make sure that you know your limits. Don't get in over your head so that you don't have time for everything."

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