Above and Beyond: Jeremiah Johnson


Every month Morningside College and Siouxland News are teaming up to highlight a high school student who has gone Above and Beyond.

This month's winner is Jeremiah Johnson from Vermillion High School, a shy senior who is incredibly respected by his peers.

A valued member of his senior class, and referred to as "an understated leader," Jeremiah Johnson is the epitome of a role model.

"I nominated him, but he was certainly recommended by lots of teachers," says Patty Larsen, Vermillion High School Guidance Counselor.

Captain of his basketball team and a leader of his high school track team, Jeremiah says he enjoys being a positive influence on his peers.

"It means a lot, because I kind of have a big role and people look up to me so I kind of have to fill that role," says Jeremiah Johnson.

Jeremiah is also a "Natural Helper." A national program where students are chosen and trained to be a resource for struggling students within their school.

"We just, like, help kids if we see they are down or something. We can help them and talk to them. We are kind of like the student guidance counselors I guess you could say," says Johnson.

"He is chosen by the staff for that because he is available to students, he's approachable, and doesn't go beyond his capabilities. He knows when to ask for help and when to refer others for help," says Larsen.

Humble, quiet, and definitely deserving, Jeremiah is grateful for this recognition.

"There's a lot of good people in this school and it's just cool to be the one that got selected," says Johnson.

If you would like to nominate a student, you can do so on our website at Siouxland News dot com by clicking on the Features tab and then Above and Beyond.

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