Chronic Wound Care

New research shows chronic wounds may lead to cancer.

Growing up, many older adults spent their time out in the sun with little to no sunscreen, leading to increased cases of skin cancer.

The sun is not the only cause of skin cancer. In fact, new research shows that chronic wounds can and do cause cancer as well.

"But even 8% of leg ulcers or areas that are normally covered by clothing can still develop skin cancer," says Michael Garrett, Certified Hyperbaric Wound Specialist with Mercy Medical Center.

With proper treatment, chronic wounds should decrease in size. But lately, doctors and nurse practitioners have seen cases of those wounds not progressing.

"When wounds fail to show response to therapy and care, one needs to be thinking of biopsy and accessing for either auto-immune diseases or some form of skin cancer," says Garrett.

Michael Garrett says that wounds that show no progress or got enlarged over a three month time period, there was almost 10% of those that tested positive for cancer.

Garrett mentioned he's lately seen an increase in those cases, and he wants people to be take the right steps on the road to treatment and recovery.

"It's better to be aggressive early and know exactly what you are treating so you can overall have a better outcome and a faster rate of healing that way," says Garrett.

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