Healthwatch: Home health care education

Healthwatch: Mercy Home Care

Before leaving the hospital after a surgery or any long-term hospital visit, it is important to know what comes next in terms of after care.

For some patients, care does not stop after leaving the hospital, and that is why Mercy Home Care Representative Wendy Beavers says continuing education is essential.

"So it's really important that they have health care professionals follow them home, continue their health care, give them the resources they need so that they can care for themselves."

Health Care professionals teach the patient, as well as family members and friends, what needs to be done after a hospital visit. The technique they use is very beneficial to everyone involved in the rehabilitation process.

Beavers went on to say, "The clinicians do a lot of teach back education, meaning teach them and then have them show you that they do understand it, that they can do it, and that they will be successful at it."

This method is important because it insures that everyone knows the next steps on the road to recovery. When asked if she feels this method, as well as Home Care, is helping patients recovery.

Beavers couldn't agree more, "It is helping it is really helping to reduce that rate. We're not going to stop everything, but we do know that a patient who understands what's going on with them, it is stopping a lot of those hospital re-admission rates."

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