Healthwatch: Home Rehabilitation

Healthwatch: Home Rehabilitation

"From the day that we're born, we're starting to get older. So why not prepare for the future? If you're going to spend the money, you might as well do it now."

What Shelly Kitrell is referencing is making simple adjustments to your home to make it safer, especially for those returning from therapy in a hospital.

"They can't live in a hospital environment forever, and we have a lot of adaptive equipment in our hospital setting that would carry over to the home setting."

Many rooms in our homes have potential problems the biggest of those being the bathroom

"A bathroom is the number one place that people fall, so most of the times we will recommend a tub seat or a chair, grab bars will be great to grab onto, and a toilet frame and safety rails."

Another potentially problematic spot the kitchen

"A lot of times people will stack things all the way up to the top of their cupboards. I would recommend that the things that you use the most, goes between your knees and your eye level, so that we put everything in easy grasp."

Other little tasks can be done around the home to make it safer.

Kitrell says this project doesn't take much time maybe a long weekend at most and is effective for everyone at home, not just those who are older.

"What we really want to be able to do is age comfortably in our house, because everybody wants to stay there as long as they can. With these simple adaptions, you should be able to stay in your house for a longer period of time and be safe."

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