New MMCAT program immerses students into medical field


Earlier this year staff members from Mercy Medical Center wanted to create a program where high school students could learn about the medical field.

This month the idea became a reality.

Many young people dream of one day working in the medical field as a doctor, a nurse, or somewhere in between. This program gives students an opportunity to find their passion.

"We see a lot of students who say 'I want to have a medical career'," says Revathi Truong, Program Manager at Mercy Medical Center.

"Well what does that mean?" Truong continues. "There are so many different options."

That opportunity developed into MMCAT, which stands for Mercy Med-Career Acceleration Track. It is a month long program that allows high school students to shadow different medical professionals in the hospital and learn about different fields. In addition to meeting with hospital staff and shadowing different departments, they also learn valuable career skills, like resume building and interview techniques.

"At the end of the week every week these students will report out staff and administrators on what their experience was like during their shadow experience for that week and that particular department," Truong says.

"I can't tell you with words how happy I am to be in this program," Valery Garcia says. "Because it opened my eyes so much and I'm sure it changed my life."

Garcia is a part of MMCAT, and in the few short weeks she has shadowed the hospital staff, she has learned so much about the field, and she has learned a lot about herself.

"When I first came here, I wanted to be a neonatal nurse, and now I want to work in ICU," Garcia says. "I just went into the ICU, and I felt like my heart was just like 'I need to be here!'. It's just something that I felt inside. I really need to be here."

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