Salt Shockers: Do you know how much salt is in your food?

Do you know how much salt is in your food?

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, big tasty dinners are a hit.

But have you ever thought about how much salt you eat in a day?

The answer may come as a shock.

"People have no concepts on when it comes to portion sizes," Cindy Gates, dietitian at Mercy Medical Center, said.

The food we eat is a big problem in today's society, for this reason and because much of that food is high in sodium.

"We should be having anywhere between 1500 milligrams and 2300 milligrams, and the average American has between three thousand and four thousand milligrams." Gates said.

Gates says that people have no idea how much salt is in their foods.

"People say 'I don't use a salt shaker,' but only ten percent of our consumption actually comes from a salt shaker," Gates said.

2300 milligrams is approximately one teaspoon, which really isn't all that much when you think about it. Gates says many foods, like meats, snacks, and condiments have the most salt, but there is one particular food that may surprise you.

"Breads," Gates said. "People don't realize how much salt is in bread, and if you have two slices of bread for lunch and a sandwich later, that would add up."

Gates encourages people to read the labels of their foods to see how much salt they really are consuming. Low-fat options may not actually be the best options.

"People think just because something's low fat it's healthy," Gates said. "Low-fat pretzels might even have more salt in them. They take something out and add something."

It is always good to remember to make good choices when it comes to the foods you are eating.

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