The X-Plan: A tool for child safety

A new campaign aims at helping kids in uncomfortable situations

There is plenty of new technology out there to aid in keeping us safe, but a new cell-phone campaign could be life-saving for your children.

Parents: are you ever worried that your children may be in an uncomfortable situation where they don't know what to do?

There's a new campaign out there with a goal to alleviate those fears.

"It's one more tool that a parent can use with their child, and in this case, in a maybe particularly uncomfortable situation for their child, that gives them an exit strategy without being embarrassing or having to deal with peer pressure," saysAmy Scarmon, Forensic Interviewer with Mercy Medical Center.

It's called the X-Plan.

The concept is simple. If a child is in an uncomfortable situation, all they have to do is send a message with an "X" and the recipient will call with an excuse to pick them up.

"Rather than them staying in this unsafe situation where maybe something bad could happen, we've now given them another choice," says Scarmon.

In order for this plan to work, it requires prior planning between the child and either a parent or someone older whom the child trusts.

Scarmon herself is a mother to a teenage daughter, and hopes this plan is something she and her peers aren't afraid to use.

"We know peers are really important to teenagers, and if you put them in a situation where they feel like they're going to be judged by their peers, it's obviously not going to go well. So I think this is the best of both worlds. It gives them an opportunity to save face in front of their friends, but at the same time, help them recognize that maybe it's not the best situation and maybe there's a way out of it,"says Scarmon.

A way out that could be easier than reciting the alphabet.

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