Tips to keep your new year's resolution to get fit

It's a common new years resolution: living a healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes that lifestyle could be a simple change in our daily routine, or as rigorous as weight loss.

But according to Mercy wellness specialist David Gurnett, that resolution may not always be effective.

"New years resolutions can usually be too broad or not specific enough, so then when you're trying to focus on your new year's resolution and work toward those goals, you may get lost in the process of where you're really working towards," Gurnett said.

Gurnett says to combat that, make your new year's resolution easier.

"If you are able to specifiy and really narrow down what you want to work on, to lose weight or get healtier or be more active, then you're going to be able to work towards those and have those set goals," said Gurnett.

It's also important to make yourself accountable when it comes to keeping your resolution, like making the time to work out.

"Make sure you are taking those steps to achieve it: eating healthy, being active; you don't necessarily have to exercise, but incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Maybe more than what you are doing before, like eating fruits and vegetables, and being generally overall healthy," Gurnett said.

Following these tips can help you achieve your new years resolution.

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