Angel Cars gives their 30th car to a Siouxland mother

Angel Cars gives their 30th car to a Siouxland mother

Tires, Tires, Tires does it again, making another Siouxland Mothers life a little easier.

The Angel Cars program gave away their second car this week to a family in need.

Not only is this the second this week but 30th since the program began.

And it's going to a mother who says the car is a game changer.

"Well it's a game changer, I don't have to worry anymore if I'm going to make it to work or not. So it changes my whole life," said Recipient Amy Derby.

"I would say, if we could do two every weeks, I'd be even more excited but I just can't tell you how happy I am we've been able to do 30 and it's really because of everyone's generosity, you know, we live in a wonderful community," said Jean Logan, executive Director of the Community Action Agency.

Logan went on to say that the Siouxland community really requires a lot of transportation so being able to giveaway a car is truly life changing.

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