Board of Supervisors decide to change plans involving Haskell Avenue bridge

Board of Supervisors decide to change plans involving Haskell Avenue bridge

Objections to plans to remove a bridge in rural Woodbury County have Supervisors making a change.

The Supervisors decided to change their plans for the Haskell Avenue Bridge located near Moville

Several residents from the Moville area were at the meeting to express their concerns with the planned removal of that bridge.

Supervisor Jeremy Taylor proposed a change, that would see the bridge removed this year and replace it in 2019.

Chairman Matthew Ung said, "We heard from several members of the community that use that bridge. There is a high traffic count near Moville that do use that bridge and in addition the projects that it delays by working it into the next available slot so to speak are all bridge replacements that are passable at the current moment."

The residents say the bridge's location makes it important for growth, expansion, and safety of residents in and around Moville.

"Thought the county board of Supervisors had a very open mind tonight. They did us a good job, they listened to us all, it got to be a long meeting, and granted it's an expensive ordeal but it's just one of those bridges that gotta be done," said Dennis Rumohr, a Moville resident.

Until the bridge is re-built, residents will have to detour on 140th Street to Highway 140 to reach Moville.

The Supervisors tonight also approved contracts for the first phase of the LEC renovation project.

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