City administrator says odor issue in South Sioux is coming to an end, residents disagree

City administrator says odor issue in South Sioux is coming to an end, residents disagree

The city's administrator says all the tests for the smell of hydrogen sulfide in the affected area come back clean and repairs on some homes are finished or nearly finished but one resident says his home is still torn up. And the city's legal team is to blame.

Lance Hedquist, who's the city administrator with South Sioux City sent out a press release today and it outlined that there are no hydrogen sulfide levels in the homes, testing in the sewer lines for hydrogen sulfide remains low, and the repairs to impacted homes are either completed or continue for those working with the city.

"I think people should be encouraged by the information that was provided today. Obviously it's everybody's best benefit if we work together to get this accomplished," said Hedquist.

Hedquist says the city can't work with any of the residents who've hired an attorney. Jonathan Goodier is one of those residents who hired an attorney and after the city came in and tried to clean the residual hydrogen sulfide which tore up his house, nothing can be done until Goodier signs an agreement from the city.

"After they have torn up my house they want to send me a letter threatening me that if I don't do Big Ox's tests they're not going to fix my house. They came in they destroyed my house they damaged my house and then they threaten me," said Goodier.

Goodier's reason for not signing that agreement with the city is because he, along with many other residents, don't believe the city is working for them but for Big Ox.

Now many residents hotel costs will no longer be covered after today forcing many residents homeless.

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